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Spectacular Turkey


The images are of the following as they appear in the video:

Iznik Quartz Tiles and Ottoman Calligraphy
Aspendos Amphitheater
Lycian Rock Tombs
Baths of Sardis
The Gypsy Girl of Zeugma
The Trojan Horse
The Temple of Trajan at Pergamum
Mount Nemrut
The Blue Mosque
The Library of Celsus
The Monastery of Sumela
Caunos Rock Tombs
Side Amphitheater
Ishak Pasha Palace
Hagia Sophia Gold Mosaics
 "...To the Land of Turquoise Waters"
(Various pictures of Turkey's Mediterranean and Aegean Coast,
Koprulu Kanyon in Antalya
Whirling Dervishes and Modern Dance Troupe at Mydonose Showland in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia
Istanbul and the Bosporus
The Maiden's Tower
Hagia Sophia
Modern Dance Troupe (Fire of Anatolia) at Mydonose Showland in Istanbul
Antalya Karpuzkaldiran and Kursunlu Waterfalls
The Village of Uzungol and the Black Sea Region
The Levent District of Istanbul
Iznik Quartz Tiles and Ottoman Calligraphy
Turkish Culture and Tourism Logo
Turkish Flag


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